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MTradeVerse will immerse you inside a 3D world and make you feel “present” there.
With MTradeVerse you can be the character – either your 3D “digital twin,” or an alternate version called an avatar, customized to your preference.






MTradeVerse planning started in the early stage when metaverse started to live


First version

MTradeVerse will launch its first version in the fourth quarter of 2022

What we provide?

Our Services

MTradeVerse is proud to provide the following services
Events Platform
Fairs: Trade Fairs, Education Fairs, Career Fairs, Social And Cultural Fairs.
Meetings: Conferences, Congresses, Dealer Meetings, In-company Meetings and Product Launches.
Fun & Rewards: Concerts Parties, Festivals, Award Ceremonies and Graduation Ceremonies
Metaport Mall
An immersive next-generation intuitive metaverse mall that allows brands and retailers to tell their stories and bring their products to their customers in 3d stores.
* Retail Stores
* Restaurants And Cafes
* Game And Entertainment Center
Health Campus
Healthverses; is an innovative new generation metaverse healthcare campus designed to connect patients to healthcare and doctors, providers such as hospitals, clinics, medical companies and scientific research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, medical device and product companies with their customers.
*Retail Showroom
*Wholesale Showroom
*Corporate Constructi̇on
*Corporate Headquarters
*Work Office
*Inovation Center

Quick Questions

The frequently asked questions regarding the metaverse are a valuable asset for any beginner to clear their doubts. As a matter of fact, FAQs are also a valuable instrument for brushing up your basics regarding any new technology. Here are some of the commonly asked Metaverse questions and answers, especially the fundamental questions. 

Metaverse is not a product of Facebook, Microsoft, or Google. It is basically a term derived from the 1992 cyberpunk novel “Snow Crash,” which implied a world in which people could interact with each other by using their avatars. The metaverse you are hearing about today is also similar to the same concept in many ways.
The metaverse is actually a 3D virtual reality that would enable people to interact with each other. You can think of the metaverse as a connected ecosystem of online 3D virtual environments, where users could interact with each other, create assets, play games, work and collaborate with each other. 

The first promising use case of the metaverse is evident in the possibilities of using the metaverse for unlocking new marketing opportunities. People can interact and socialize with each other through digital avatars in the metaverse. Brands could capitalize on this factor for identifying favorable marketing opportunities.
The metaverse could also open up new opportunities for creating virtual workspaces, public events, virtual learning spaces or virtual tourism. 

The most crucial traits of the multiverse include interactivity, interoperability, corporeality, and massive economic potential. 
Users in the metaverse have the ability to communicate and interact with other users and spaces in the metaverse. 
Avatars and the assets created in the metaverse are easily accessible and operable on different spaces in the metaverse. 
The most important trait of the metaverse is the economic potential with the possibilities for creating a completely new and full-fledged economy. 

Virtual reality offers an immersive experience for anyone who can put on a headset. It enables anyone to see and work in a digital world. With full VR headsets, users can dive into a 360-degree virtual world, where people can move around easily. On the other hand, augmented reality is basically a reflection of the digital world in the real world. AR-connected glasses could help in driving the development of new 3D virtual environments, while VR could drive better engagement in metaverse participants. 


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Ammar AbdulSalam
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Health Campus Consultant
Molham Katerji
Design Artist
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3D Team Leader
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Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)
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Strategic Consultant
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Quality Control
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